CAGD202 Week 10 Re-Brand Progress – Identity

After a brief consultation with Grant, it was brought to like that whilst the redesign of the website is effective and sufficient, it isn’t necessarily impactful. Before this could be done, the identity needed to be worked out, further website design could be done after the fact. After a little bit of scribbling and word research, ‘Launch'(from the ‘relaunch’ heading in my concepts book) stood out. It implies moving forward and it implies technology. This better matches the content offered but also allowed us to be more creative with the website itself.

Whilst the original concept was to carry forward a colour from the previous design to be used as a heritage feature to pay homage to the identities history, the decision was made to use more of a graphic element. This has allowed us to be more adventurous with colour and layout. This said, this concept may change completely at any time.


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