CAGD202 Website Re-Design Mock

Taking on board feedback from the report assessment, I had taken on the challenge of turning said feedback into a visual representation in the form of a re-design of PCWorld. The group had decided fairly early on that the content that was offered on PCWorld was no longer represented in the logo, thus it required a complete re-brand.

As PCWorld has a rich history in print publication and the group did not want to completely ignore this. The decision was made to carry on a heritage feature – colour. Whilst after making the move to a digital space, PCWorld quickly became bland and unappealing, overshadowed by the contemporary style of competitor websites like CNet, TechSpot, Wired and The Verge which all brought a modern take to a technology identity – as it should be.

PCWorld had become cluttered, messy and relatively ambiguous. During the re-design process several elements from other websites were used to help bring PCWorld back into the competitive digital space. This included large, visual and dynamic feature article lightboxes, simplified and streamlined categories, an increased use of white space and an organized grid structure to contain all the information offered. All the while keeping the heritage red colourisation throughout the entire site as to not ignore the strong history held by the identity.

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