Sound Project – MEDA101 Assessment 2

If you have the opportunity to listen to this project through headphones and/or surround sound, please do so 🙂

The driving concept behind my Sound assessment was to take the listener to places in time that are meaningful to me – these being instances, places and experiences that I hold dear both in the past and in the present. All included scenes/sound segments evoke a sense of euphoria through nostalgia and are intended to feel as though it is almost constructed as a narrative, including the use of audio queues to convey transition (the closing of a car door, controller connection of a Nintendo Switch etc.). I had challenged myself from the start to create a sound piece that consisted of individual sounds, edited in a way that creates a seamless, real life feel for the audience. No soundscape in this project is a single recording, and consists of over 60 individual sound bites.

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