Activity 1 – 30 minutes

Organisation A has a diverse workforce of 1246 staff of which 64% are male and 36% are female. The average age range of employees is 31 years old. This service based company has 14 key workplace locations spread across 12 international locations, delivering a suite of 54 differing products. Communication between geolocations is currently requiring many interstate, international flights for executive staff, expensive tele and web conferencing. Staff have indicated they are keen to cut down travel times to and from work, have a more flexible workplace / space schedule and benefit longer leave periods as negotiated by service industry unions.

Group 1, 2, 3

In your group discuss, record and present a range of strategies to improve workforce capacity, capability and profit shares for shareholders whilst addressing the needs of staff in this organisation.



Activity 2 – 30 minutes

Steven is an employee at Organisation A.

Ashley is an employee also at Organisation A however, Ashley has negotiated a teleworker arrangement where she is able to spend 60% of her work time away from the physical office location. Steven is unhappy to learn that Ashley has been promoted to Senior Advisor, a position ahead of him in the organisation.

Group 1 & Group 2

  • In your group (1) discuss, detail and present your case for how Ashley manages to balance the communications and position requirements for her role;
  • In your group (2) discuss, detail and present your case of the challenges that teleworkers may affect the organisation from Steven’s position / perception

Group 3

  • Discuss, detail and present at least 5 strategies to bring employees who lack teleworkers skills together for one-on-one and small group training


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