Week 8 Tutorial

Activity 1 – AUP

You have been employed by a large organisation which has 310 employees of mixed age groups and mixed abilities. In your group design an Acceptable Use Policy that ensures a new employee understands the core “rules” or guidelines of the organisation.

*Hint – the UAP needs an introductory statement, core guidelines (a paragraph and dot points) and then reference to comprehensive documentation

Activity 2 – Reasonable Use

The same organisation which is a progressive apps development company  is informed by conducting a range of employee surveys that the current Reasonable Use guidelines for the organisation are redundant. Given the rapid shift in technologies in your group design a Reasonable Use statement and detail at least 10 points (dot points) of acceptable use in 2015 of an organisations internet and computer assets.

* Hint – ensure you take into account mobile, social media and the core business of the organisation


Research Report

  • Research Report
  • Individual
  • 30% of unit total
  • Due week 8 Tutorial – uploaded via Moodle dropbox

Things to assist in your completion of your Research Report due via Moodle dropbox submission:

  1. Have you addressed the correct topic?
  2. Does you report critically argue issues of informatics in the WORKPLACE?
  3. Does you report DESCRIBE THE ROLE of technology from the managerial and employee perspective?

Further considerations that will help yourself in the formation of your report:

  1. Is the work you will submit your work and yours alone?
  2. Have you referenced those pieces of information that are drawn from other sources?
  3. If you do not have literature to support your findings have you considered or drawn knowledge from sources in first person ie. action research?
  4. Is there a summary, an introduction, a body of evidence, a conclusion (findings perhaps)?
  5. Would you consider quoting yourself in the future using your assessment? If not, why not?

Handy Hint – look back over your research notes for your first presentation and improve upon those exponentially.

Democracy – Portfolio

The following range of ways (methods) have been employed to determine which people you will work with in your next GROUP portfolio assignment:

  • alphabetical order;
  • ascending numeration;
  • descending numeration;
  • ballot (random selection by elected member);
  • numerical randomiser using student id number;
  • other

3. Social Informatics Workplace Portfolio

Your group will write a 4000 word portfolio, and create relevant collateral/resources for a medium-sized web design company implementing new outsourcing and monitoring strategies, taking into account the social impact.

Collateral must include, but is not limited to:

  • policy
  • procedure
  • posters
  • information video clip (30 sec – 1 min) desktop backgrounds
  • taglines

You will present a professional looking portfolio that contains printed copies of all materials. In Moodle [ On disk ] you will present a cohesive collection of all materials in some sort of album or document.

Week 7 Tutorial

Activity One

Technology has consistently proven to be difficult to measure in determination of “real” productivity, that of computerisation that increases productivity (the paradox – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Productivity_paradox) and yet so much of our human energy is expended in findings ways for it to do so.

In your group identify, discuss and make notation of ten ways in which computerisation could be used to increase productivity in 2015.

All group answers via your scribe into the Tutorial Discussion forum on Moodle

Activity Two

Moore’s Law speaks of the exponential trajectory of technology in terms of “……”

In your group discuss and make notation of 5 key forms of technological trajectory that are likely to influence or directly affect the way in which we go about our daily lives and achieve what we need to achieve in our workplaces – be sure to reference that key aspect of Moore’s law in this activity in juxtaposition with that of Erik Brynjolfsson, whose seminal paper noted the apparent contradiction between the remarkable advances in computer power and the relatively slow growth of productivity at the level of the whole economy, individual firms and many specific applications.

All group answers via your scribe into the Tutorial Discussion forum on Moodle


Week 6 Tutorial

Activity One

Technology provides us with a means to influence and shape our society. In your group compose a list of the fifteen most influential technologies of the last century and substantiate how they have affected our society since their inception taking into account;

  • trajectory – where did they start and where are they headed?
  • benefits – what do they provide humanity as a whole?
  • challenges or risks – is there potential for harm in their use?

Activity Two

In the last five years particularly technology that is both ubiquitous and pervasive (such as dating apps) have emerged online and across many differing mobile platforms. These are just one of many technologies that may be affecting your current lives. In your group discuss, identify, note online and detail at least five (5) technologies that are fundamentally shaping your lives collectively as a group.

Describe in detail the:

  • social implications – what impact could have more broadly on society?
  • moral challenges – what risks or challenges do they create for the community you live in?
  • ethics – what ethical considerations may be important in the further development of that technology?



Activity 1 – 30 minutes

Organisation A has a diverse workforce of 1246 staff of which 64% are male and 36% are female. The average age range of employees is 31 years old. This service based company has 14 key workplace locations spread across 12 international locations, delivering a suite of 54 differing products. Communication between geolocations is currently requiring many interstate, international flights for executive staff, expensive tele and web conferencing. Staff have indicated they are keen to cut down travel times to and from work, have a more flexible workplace / space schedule and benefit longer leave periods as negotiated by service industry unions.

Group 1, 2, 3

In your group discuss, record and present a range of strategies to improve workforce capacity, capability and profit shares for shareholders whilst addressing the needs of staff in this organisation.



Activity 2 – 30 minutes

Steven is an employee at Organisation A.

Ashley is an employee also at Organisation A however, Ashley has negotiated a teleworker arrangement where she is able to spend 60% of her work time away from the physical office location. Steven is unhappy to learn that Ashley has been promoted to Senior Advisor, a position ahead of him in the organisation.

Group 1 & Group 2

  • In your group (1) discuss, detail and present your case for how Ashley manages to balance the communications and position requirements for her role;
  • In your group (2) discuss, detail and present your case of the challenges that teleworkers may affect the organisation from Steven’s position / perception

Group 3

  • Discuss, detail and present at least 5 strategies to bring employees who lack teleworkers skills together for one-on-one and small group training